Hitman - Garth Ennis and John McCrea

"Some day I’m gonna get shot twice in the head when I’m least expectin’ it, an’ then they’re gonna throw my ass in a ditch. An’ you know what? So long as I did right by my buddies an’ I never turned into a total dirtbag — I won’t care."

Read Hitman for the first time this weekend. Loved it. Garth Ennis at his finest.

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Bill Sienkiewicz 2007: Dark Sector: Zero

Dark Sector: Zero was a tie-in comic to the Dark Sector video game, setting up the premise to the gameplay. Although it’s skews a bit more commercial comic product than typical comics, it gave Sienkiewicz a great opportunity to mix together a number of elements into painted splash pages: video game horror with a veneer of shadow government operatives in eastern Europe.

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